AperoNet Media Event

Datas and figures


AperoNet Media Event was founded in 2006 by Pascal Wouters, Strategic Marketing Partner of Oneweb at that time and now Managing Director of Absolut Mind Online Media, to gather business partners out of office and conventional congresses.

Since then, the after work has been organised in various locations such as Cointropolitan Sky Bar, Jonas Gallery, Oene TK, Guru Bar. It is now regularly taking place at Espace Art 22 since December 2007.


– Pascal Wouters, Absolut Mind Online Media
– Alexandra Combes, Ultimate Circle

Key figures

– 3 years since first AperoNet
– 9 media events organised so far
– 2000 targeted persons covered by our data base

Communication supports

– website and photo gallery
– facebook group and events
– e-mailing campaigns
– VIP invitations
– podcasts


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